Company Goodyear


For more than 100 years, Goodyear has proudly supplied tires to the law enforcement community. We deeply appreciate the many men and women who risk their lives each day in the line of duty and, to help officers safely protect and serve their communities, we have designed our latest generation of Eagle Enforcer® police pursuit tires to withstand the grueling conditions encountered by law enforcement every day.

Because of our reputation for quality, dependability and safety, Goodyear has been a top choice for police pursuit vehicles among original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). And in recognizing the importance of police pursuit certification, all Goodyear OE pursuit tires have successfully passed the Michigan State Police and Los Angeles Sheriff Department’s annual vehicle certifications consecutively for more than a decade, a feat unsurpassed by any other tire manufacturer.

Thank you for your service and have a safe National Police Week.


Enforcer Family

When the call comes, Goodyear Enforcer tires are ready to respond. Designed for the grueling situations and conditions encountered by our law enforcement community so they can protect the communities they serve.