Hidden Objects: A Calling for Casting

Memorial Emblem Casting: As part of the process of creating intricate artwork, molds are created and cast. From our archives, this is one of three castings of the National Law Enforcement Memorial emblem that sits at the center of the memorial.
Dedicated on October 15, 1991 as a memorial for fallen officers, thousands have gathered from all over the world to pay their respects to law enforcement professionals. Each year, since 1962, when President John F. Kennedy, Jr.  fallen officers from the current year and those found through research, are etched into the walls of the memorial. There are more than 21,000 names carved into the memorial walls dating back to 1786, with another 307 added this year.
The National Law Enforcement Museum has thousands of law enforcement artifacts in our archives; too many to display at once. We offer this regularly scheduled blog to give you a peek into our archives.