A very special supporter

Brian’s story began when his older sister Rachel decided she had too many toys and would rather give to others for her birthday. Over the past few years she has donated to different animal rescues, the Special Olympics and Twilight Wish.

Brian wanted to follow in his big sister’s footsteps, so for his birthday he asked his guests to donate $5 to his cause of choice in lieu of getting him gifts. Last year he donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. For Brian’s birthday this year he decided that he wanted to help police families, which led him and his family to the Memorial Fund.

Because his birthday is end of October, it corresponded well with his wishes to be a real super hero for Halloween: a police man. Both of Brian’s parents are police officers and they joked about his desired rank—if he wanted to be a Corporal like his Daddy or a Sergeant like his Mommy. He decided to be a Sergeant, much to the delight of his mom!

Brian in his Halloween costume.

Thank you to Brian and his family for supporting the Memorial Fund.