Clint Eastwood

Clinton “Clint” Eastwood, Jr. was born to Clinton Eastwood, Sr. and Ruth Wood on May 31, 1930, San Francisco, California. The legendary filmmaker, actor and composer began his esteemed career as a star in film and television Westerns, such as Rawhide and Paint Your Wagon. Since then, Mr. Eastwood has established himself as both an internationally acclaimed director, and one of cinema’s most beloved leading men. It was in 1971 that Mr. Eastwood directed his first feature film, Play Misty for Me, and was cast in the role that made him the cultural icon that he is to this day: Dirty Harry.

He would return to the role of San Francisco Police Department Inspector Harry Callahan five times over the next two decades. With this role and several others, he became the classic American image of the hard-nosed, self-sacrificing Police Officer.

Thousands of real-life, sworn law enforcement officers never make it home. They make the ultimate sacrifice. We owe those who have fallen, and all of our nation’s law enforcement officers, a huge debt of gratitude. -Clint Eastwood

Since 1967, Mr. Eastwood has run his own production company, Malpaso Productions, which has produced the majority of his films, including Dirty Harry, Unforgiven, Million Dollar Baby, Flags of Our Fathers and Gran Torino, among many others. Mr. Eastwood has won Academy Awards for ‘Best Director’ and Producer of the ‘Best Picture,’ as well as nominations for ‘Best Actor.’ He is an accomplished jazz musician, and has composed and performed pieces in several films. In addition to his film career, he served as the nonpartisan mayor of Carmel-by-the-Sea, California, from 1986 to 1988.

Clint Eastwood, Honorary Chairman of the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and National Law Enforcement Museum shares an important public service announcement about honoring all of America’s law enforcement officers.