Ambassador & Guardian Spotlight: Michael Gainey

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund enjoys the support of a special group of volunteers: Law Enforcement Ambassadors and Guardians. Law Enforcement Ambassadors are active and retired law enforcement officers from city, state, federal and military law enforcement agencies, while Law Enforcement Guardians are volunteers who support and honor law enforcement but are not sworn officers, allowing citizens, family members and corporate supporters to work closely with the Memorial Fund in achieving our goals.

Sergeant Michael Gainey has worked in law enforcement for the last 12 years. Over those years, the majority of his time has been with the Mint Hill Police Department in North Carolina. Back in 2013, Sgt. Gainey had an idea to hold a local 5K race during National Police Week to raise awareness of their local memorial as well as the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington, DC.

In just two months, Sgt. Gainey got the support of Chief Tim Ledford and the Mint Hill Police Department to pull off the first Soles2Remember 5K in May 2013 which raised more than $6,000 for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. Sgt. Gainey and his colleagues came out on their day off to help close streets and bring family members to participate. Along with the support of Chief Ledford and command staff he was able to plan the 2nd annual event, which occurred during National Police Week 2014. This year’s event raised over $7,000 and had more than 130 participants. Sgt. Gainey’s goal for the event is to have it grow to become a family affair in the community of Mint Hill and include other agencies around Charlotte-Mecklenburg.

When Sgt. Gainey started the planning process, he contacted us and we encouraged him to become one of our Law Enforcement Ambassadors. He has been doing a great job spreading awareness about our efforts and the work of his agency. Thank you Ambassador Michael Gainey for all your support!