Wall Expansion Project has Begun

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Wall to Accommodate Fallen Heroes for Next 35 Years

Current (top); after expansion (bottom)
Graphic rendering of the Memorial expansion from architects. The expansion (bottom photo) will add 15 inches to the height of the current walls (top photo).

When the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial was built in 1991, it was the first of its kind. Each year, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund records law enforcement throughout the country who made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty, and also investigates historical line-of-duty deaths and honors those fallen posthumously. Year after year, more names are engraved, which now total 22,217 in 2020. Unfortunately, the Memorial walls may sadly run out of space within five to six years.

Plans for an expansion launched in early April of 2020 to add space to the wall vertically by adding 15 inches to the height of the current Walls of Remembrance (see images). The endeavor is being spearheaded by the original architect, Davis Buckley, and stone is being sought from the same original quarry to provide a seamless match to the existing structure.

The expansion will add 15-25 sections to the Memorial. The resulting structure should suit the needs of the law enforcement community and its citizens for another 35-37 years and take between 28 and 36 months to  complete.

While expanding vertically, proper irrigation and endurance through all weather conditions will also be addressed to ensure that the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial continues to serve as the lasting tribute that it was intended to be.

“We are committed to honoring our fallen heroes, and we are determined to continue to do so in the noble manner we have all come to appreciate – by an inscription on this inspiring Memorial,” shares Patrick Montuore, National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Executive Director. “We will do whatever we must to ensure every fallen hero knows this country is committed to respect, honor and remember each one.”

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National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

4 Replies to “Wall Expansion Project has Begun”

  1. With so many police officers coming from all around the world for our service it would be nice to have some type monument honoring all police officers killed in the world. When I began attending our service in 1991 only officers from Canada attended, now I see officers from England, New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Italy, I even have a picture with a Russian officer. Just saying .

    1. Thank you for your question! We will continue to inscribe names of fallen officers on the existing structure until there is no more room. When necessary, we will add names to the new panels, starting from the bottom and working up toward the sky. All panel numbers will be consistent to make it easy for supporters to find their loved ones names. In addition, we will continue to have staff on site at the Memorial to help visitors. As more details are determined, we will share the information on our website and on social media.

  2. Why can’t names be engraved on the backside of each panel? That would allow for, saldy, another 20,000+ names.

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