Candy Delivers a Sting

There’s more than one way to serve an outstanding arrest warrant. For Anne Arundel County (MD) Sheriff Ron Bateman, it just took a little creativity.

The Keystone Valentine’s Day sting was inspired by a 1907 photo
of Sheriff Bateman’s great-grandfather, a Baltimore City Police Officer.
The box was decorated with the scales of justice.

As one may imagine, it proved a difficult task for Sheriff Bateman and his force to track down offenders, some of whom were “unavailable” whenever officials sought after them. So, according to a 2010 news release from the Anne Arundel County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Bateman devised a plan to corral these law-breakers who had expertly dodged arrest.

Sheriff Bateman’s deputies dressed up as drivers for the made-up “Keystone Candigrams” company. The deputies delivered fake boxes of “Keystone Candigrams” chocolates to persons with outstanding arrest warrants on Valentine’s Day.

The Keystone Candigrams delivery truck advertised with a double entendre, “Just one and you’re hooked.”

Unfortunately for recipients, the deliveries weren’t so sweet. The office made 15 arrests with the delivery of the fake chocolates.

Apparently, some jokes can serve a greater purpose.

Happy April Fools’ Day from the National Law Enforcement Museum!