Black History

Arva “Marie” Johnson

The First Black Female Capitol Police Officer In Washington, DC, the US Capitol Police are responsible for the protection and safety of the members of our country’s legislative bodies, as well as the 3 to 5 million annual visitors who stop by the US Capitol Building. When the US Capitol Police was founded in 1828,

Sergeant Terrance Yeakey

A Reluctant Hero of Oklahoma City On April 19, 1995, Oklahoma City was shaken by a bombing at the Alfred Murrah Federal Building, which left 168 dead, including 19 children at the building’s daycare center while their parents worked. Oklahoma City Police were among the first to arrive at the scene to rescue survivors. Image

Tom Bradley

LAPD Lieutenant to LA’s First Black Mayor Careers in policing can often inspire life-long commitments to serving communities and to facing challenges head-on, even when those decisions may be considered controversial by constituents. This is the case for our next Trailblazer, Tom Bradley, an American politician and police officer best known for his two-decade long

Earl C. Broady, Sr.

Superior Court Judge from the “Wrong Side of the Place Across the Tracks” Los Angeles seems to be not only a place for the stars of our entertainment industry, but also our criminal justice system. Today we will look at the legacy of Earl C. Broady Sr., a criminal justice pioneer, who rose from what

Peter “Pete” Hose

Hawaii’s Hula Cop Hawaii is regarded by many as an example of paradise: white sandy beaches, towering palm trees, and abundant culture. And living among all the beauty that flourishes on the Hawaiian islands are everyday people, including law enforcement officers (LEOs) who have sworn to protect their neighbors. Image Source One of the most

Chief Grant Wright

The First Black Chief of the U.S. Park Police There are a number of law enforcement agencies in Washington, D.C. One that many visitors to the city will often see is the U.S. Park Police, who protect our nation’s many national parks, including D.C.’s famous National Mall. The Park Police in and of itself is

Gilbert “Gil” Hill

The Real Cop Behind Inspector Douglas Todd Law enforcement is a hot topic in American news and entertainment. Whether we’re captivated by true crime podcasts or fictional primetime dramas like CSI or Law and Order, there is nary a member of the American public that cannot name a pop culture cop. Many actors donning badges

Horatio J. Homer

Boston’s first Black Police Officer Who would have believed that Boston’s first Black officer was discovered and recruited to one of America’s oldest police forces while working as a janitor at the Globe Theater? It was while working as a janitor for the historic Boston landmark, when Horatio J. Homer met a group of influential

Sheriff Zena Stephens

Our greatest trailblazers in law enforcement are often the heroes of our own communities who are currently leaving their mark on history. Zena Stephens is the recently re-elected sheriff of Jefferson County, Texas, and she remains one of the only two African American female sheriffs in the United States. Stephens began her law enforcement career

Chicago’s History-Making Top Brass

David O. Brown, Eric Carter, and Barbara West In January 2020, all three of the top officers in the Chicago (IL) Police Department were African American for the first time in its 185-year history. Superintendent David O. Brown was joined at the top of the department by First Deputy Superintendent Eric Carter, a 28-year veteran