Craig Floyd Speaks at the Frederick (MD) Police Academy Graduation

NLEOMF Chairman and CEO Craig W. Floyd delivers the commencement speech at the Frederick Police Academy graduation today at 2 p.m. The Academy, western Maryland’s longest, continuous certified police academy, will proudly graduate 13 recruit officers, trained and ready to protect and serve Maryland’s communities.

Many of the Academy recruits made a special trip to the Memorial earlier in June as part of their training, to reflect on the heroism and sacrifice of law enforcement, and to remember Officer Richard Mark Bremer, Frederick (MD) Police Department, who died October 23, 2008, in a traffic accident while in pursuit of a suspected drunk driver.

Graduates of the Academy include one Thurmont police officer, three Annapolis police officers, and nine Frederick police officers.

Congratulations, officers!

Thurmont Police Officer:
Douglas T. Kemp

Annapolis Police Officers:
Jamal E. Davis
Joshua D. Liebross
Hil T.C. O’Herlihy

Frederick Police Officers:
Sean N. Carpenter
Deborah S. Constantine
Ryan W. Hoy
Kyle E. Jones
Paul J. Malatesta
Gregory W. Morton
TiAnna N. Peterson
Thomas G. Walker
Benjamin E. Whitmore

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