Destination Zero Spotlight: Orange County (FL) Sheriff’s Office

Source: Wikipedia

The Orange County (FL) Sheriff’s Office was the recipient of Destination Zero’s 2015 Comprehensive Safety Award, in recognition of their comprehensive, top-down approach to officer safety and wellness.

“Fit Deputy,” is a voluntary program providing incentives for deputies to exercise. The program integrates the local business community by allowing deputies to use specific hotel gyms at no cost to ensure that all deputies have access to a workout facility.

The Sheriff’s Office has a permanent Wellness Coordinator and is adding a Wellness Analyst to help gauge the well-being of its officers and address negative trends in an expeditious manner. The Wellness Coordinator not only arranges health fairs and screenings, but provides employees access to counseling and family support.

The agency also provides employees’ lunch boxes/coolers with the agency logo, and promotes materials like the “Tactical Lunch Bag” guide to healthy eating and on-duty nutrition shown below.