Finalist | Officer Wellness

Plymouth (MN) Police Department

State: MN

The Plymouth Police Department (PPD) has had a continued focus on officer safety and wellness since their implementation of the mandatory vest and seatbelt usage and scenario-based training over 30 years ago. The department’s current wellness program has a focus on the total health of their officers, including dynamic physical, mental, financial and spiritual health. PPD started their program by contracting with renowned speakers who spoke with the department’s personnel, along with their significant others, to discuss critical issues that impact both officers and their families.

Command staff was trained by the Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS) in handling line-of-duty deaths and significant injuries, and one member of the department is trained in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM).

In 2012 the department created a physical fitness program developing their voluntary, non-punitive physical fitness program, allowing officers to workout in lieu of taking a meal break. The PPD also created the position of Wellness Officer who is solely focused on the well-being of its personnel. In 2016, the department hired an emergency department physician as a part-time officer whose primary duty is to work with the SWAT team during their training and any call-outs. The doctor is also working with the wellness officer to develop best practices and provide training on nutrition and resiliency.