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Stockton (CA) Police Department


After enduring 7 years of budget cuts, personnel cuts and a number of critical incidents, to include the loss of a fellow officer, the Stockton (CA) Police Department created a new Wellness Network to help their officers better cope with the mounting stressors of the job.

Wellness is now emphasized from the moment an officer is hired through their career. The Chief and his wife, meet with each new officer and their loved ones and present them with a gift bag that includes books that discuss the demands and stress of becoming a part of the law enforcement family. Officers also receive 8 hours of Wellness orientation prior to entering the FTO program and a presentation is given during quarterly Sergeant’s Workshops and at roll calls throughout the year.

Along with a revamped peer support team, Wellness Network members respond to all Officer Involved Shootings (OIS), In-Custody Deaths, (ICD) and incidents involving severely injured officers. During call-outs, the Wellness Network works closely with the Stockton Police Officers Association to provide wraparound services and follow-up care. The SPOA opened a CrossFit gym to encourage physical fitness and augment nutrition, which was encouraged by staff to increase the engagement of family members to create a stronger support network and reduce stress.


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