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Suffolk County (NY) Police Department


The Suffolk County Police Department (SCPD) created their own Medical Crisis Action Team (MEDCAT), which was designed with the intention of increasing officer safety and reducing the possibility of a line of duty death.

The MEDCAT consists of specially trained physicians and police officer tactical medics who provide advanced life support in dynamic situations and can provide advanced pre-hospital, medical care prior to arrival of standard Emergency Medical Services. All SCPD Patrol vehicles are equipped with basic life support equipment including oxygen, cardiac defibrillators, trauma bags, airway suction devises and naloxone for opiate overdose reversal.

In order to address the needs of tactical teams and officers who have a greater chance of sustaining a life threatening wound, the MEDCAT team is specifically trained to deliver ‘Care Under Fire.’ The MEDCAT is staffed with 5 volunteer physicians designated as MEDCAT Surgeons and 28 sworn officers including supervisor ranks. Each of the physicians and officers have received enhanced tactical deployment training and critical incident management.

The MEDCAT program has been a source of pride and has demonstrated success by saving dozens of lives, including children, adults, and one SCPD officer.


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