Finalist | General Safety

Troy (NY) Police Department

State: NY

In 2015, following a shooting incident in which two officers were shot in an exchange of gunfire with a suspect, the Troy Police Department (TPD) took steps to improve officer safety in several areas, specifically wound and trauma care. One of the officers who was injured in that shooting was struck several times in the lower extremities and had a tourniquet applied to his upper thigh, saving his life. The department then expanded the use of tourniquets since that time and has saved three civilians. Every officer has an issued tourniquet that is part of their duty belt and can be quickly applied as a (Self Aid Buddy Aid) SABA.

The TPD recently issued Israeli pressure badges to all its officers. These compact quick-clotting bandages can be quickly applied to an officer or citizen who has suffered a severe laceration or hemorrhagic injury.

Following the shooting incident, the department instituted a mandatory body armor policy, directing all officers on patrol and in certain assignments, including plain clothes and detectives, to wear their body armor with no exceptions.

The TPD has also created a dynamic in-service training course for all its officers. This training regimen covers not only pistols, but the AR-15 Patrol Rifle, and the 870-P MAX shotgun. It also trains officers on the use of the patrol shield and how to respond to a downed officer situation. The latter is not common in most firearm recertification requirements but the TPD officers are trained on it at each biannual in-service firearms training. The enhanced firearm’s training also includes moving and firing, utilizing cover and concealment and how to safely “bound and cover, “with your firearm.

The TPD also added enhanced ballistic protection for its officers, purchasing ballistic rifle resistant helmets, level IV rifle protectant vests and ballistic shields. These items are all readily deployed by patrol officers when needed, as they are stored in all patrol vehicles and there must be a patrol rifle on the street for each Patrol Zone on every shift.

The TPD has also taken steps to improve officer safety in other areas by mandating the use of seatbelts and strengthening its Peer Support resources and its Employee Assistance Program. The TPD has also improved its physical fitness program by adding new equipment to its gym and offering an incentive for officers meet or exceed the Cooper Fitness Standards for their age.


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