MDOT | Directing Traffic

Missouri Department of Transportation

State: MO

In the State of Missouri, the state highway safety program is administered through the Highway Safety Office (HSO), a unit of the Highway Safety and Traffic Division, Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

In April of 2016, the Highway Safety and Traffic Division instituted a Law Enforcement Liaison (LEL) Program; ultimately deploying three LEL’s who are responsible for different regions within the state. The LEL’s primary responsibility is to contact agencies within their regions and encourage the agencies to participate in the various traffic safety programs/initiatives controlled and sponsored by the Highway Safety and Traffic Division.

In recent years, the Highway Safety and Traffic Division has increased their focus on officer safety initiatives; these efforts include offering free “Traffic Incident Management Systems”(TIMS) training throughout the state to all emergency responders at no cost, specifically addressing and including officer safety components in the State Highway Safety Plan’s Six Emphasis Areas (Work Zone / Traffic Incident Management Areas).


MDOT | Directing Traffic