Las Vegas Metropolitan (NV) Police Department | Belt Up Campaign

Las Vegas Metropolitan (NV) Police Department

State: NV

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Las Vegas Metropolitan (NV) Police Department | Belt Up Campaign

In 2009, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) lost three officers in a six-month period due to motor vehicle crashes. Because of those crashes, the LVMPD has developed a comprehensive three-pronged motor vehicle crash prevention program. Specifically, the agency made significant changes to their driving policies, increased motor vehicle training and developed a marketing campaign titled “Belt Up.”

The LVMPD changed their policy to create a speed restriction to not exceed the posted speed limit by more than 20 mph with exception of pursuit driving. They emphasized their seat belt policy and discontinued the use of seatbelt extenders. If an officer is involved in a crash, or transferred to a new squad, they are required to go through a supervisory check ride. The department’s texting policy was also reinforced and officers are expected to follow Nevada’s hands-free law.

The “Belt Up” campaign was initiated using visual prompts in briefing rooms, hallways, and the training academy, featuring photos of officers’ families with captions from the officers relating the importance of arriving to a scene alive. The department also adhered “Belt Up” stickers both inside (above the steering column) and outside (above the door handle) of patrol cars, and hung signs at the exits of fleet and station parking garages. Officers also received weekly driver safety messages at roll call.

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