Montgomery (TX) Police Department | 2021 General Safety Nomination

Montgomery (TX) Police Department | 2021 General Safety Nomination

Montgomery (TX) Police Department

State: TX

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Montgomery (TX) Police Department | 2021 General Safety Nomination

The city of Montgomery Police Department is a municipal law enforcement agency located in Southeast Texas just north of Houston. Montgomery is a small city located in Montgomery County, which is the next county north of Houston.  The agency maintains a staff of 14 sworn full time officers, 1 police department administrative assistant, and 2 full time court personnel. The city has an estimated 1800 residents but also serves ten times that daily in traffic along Highway 105.

The Montgomery Police Department responds to all calls for service inside the city which include medical and fire calls. We have a good working relationship with both entities and regularly work together. The backbone of our agency is our Patrol division. We also have an Investigations division and Training division. Everyone in the agency wears multiple “hats” to move us forward as a unit.

Safety and Culture Programs

The administration of the Montgomery Police Department consistently encourage an atmosphere of Officer Safety and personal well-being. They have an open door policy and are willing to discuss any idea that could improve the quality of the service we provide and increasing the safety of officers and employees. The Montgomery Police Department has put considerable effort into making sure each officer is trained and equipped to the highest standards with the end goal of providing the best service and protection to our citizens and officers.

Montgomery, Texas may be known for being the “Birthplace of the Texas Flag” but the Police Department is hoping to add to that reputation as well. We want to be known as a small city whose officers are the most well trained, most proficient, most effective and helpful possible. The desire is to be an agency that others can model to more effectively serve the citizens of their jurisdictions. Our agency is made up of a variety of experience levels with one common goal- To be the best and most professional we can possibly be at utilizing every resource at our disposal to protect and improve the lives of those we serve. Every officer here truly wants to help and protect this city.

While our training program is comparatively young, it has been highly effective in a short amount of time despite the unique challenges this year brought. It takes more time to implement some things than others but we have a plan to keep moving onward and upward and to help raise the standards of our officers, the agencies around us, and Law Enforcement as a whole.

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