Nashville (TN) Police Department | Medical Blow Out Kit Content

Nashville (TN) Police Department

State: TN

Nashville (TN) Police Department (1,450 sworn)

In 2010, MNPD equipped all officers with a medical kit after an officer was shot multiple times and police improvised the tools to stop a sucking chest wound before EMS personnel arrived. Kits were issued and trained on annually. However, the kits were too large to be carried on an officer’s person. So in 2015 MNPD procured additional trauma kits that were small enough to fit in the trauma plate pack of an officer’s soft body armor.

The second kit was customized by the MNPD after consulting with a SWAT Medic, the Nashville Fire Department (NFD), and the Chair of Emergency Medicine at Vanderbilt University. Officers practice applying the equipment during annual training sessions and a 10 minute refresher video was made that is shown in roll calls. The refresher video can also be viewed anytime from any department computer or on a patrol vehicle’s Mobile Digital Computer. Although MNPD has been fortunate enough not to have had any officers shot in the line of duty recently, officers have used the equipment nine times on members of the public who required urgent medical care.


Nashville (TN) Police Department | Medical Blow Out Kit Content