Dear Dad, I miss you so much…”

“Dear Dad, I miss you so much…” the letter starts. It’s one of many we find on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial during National Police Week. It’s one of too many. Too many children who are missing their parents or other important members of their families.

An average of 158 law enforcement officers die in the line of duty each year, and the average officer has two children whose father or mother won’t be coming home. The letters left at the Memorial give these children a way to express their feelings about a situation we wouldn’t wish on anyone.

We collect many of these letters after Police Week, the ones that pulled our heart strings and made us cry. They remind us why we do what we do, why we work long hours leading up to and during Police Week, hosting numerous events for thousands of people. We do this for the child whose father didn’t come home because he made a sacrifice to make his community and family safer. Let us always remember the little ones who have lost the most.


Marcia Ferranto

Marcia Ferranto
Chief Executive Officer
National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum