Engraving our officers’ names

Memorial Engravers

Did you know that every name on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial has been engraved by the same two honorable men? Since 1991, Jim Lee and Kirk Bockman have traveled to Washington, DC, every year to engrave the names of the officers we’ve lost in the line of duty. If you’ve ever seen Jim and Kirk work, you know how dedicated they are to honoring these officers.

But this is not an inexpensive task. On average, every name costs the Memorial Fund nearly $250 to be engraved. This spring, we engraved 371 officer’s names onto the Memorial. It is our duty to make sure every name is engraved before their families arrive for National Police Week.

Help us engrave a fallen officer’s name this coming spring by making a donation to the Memorial Fund on Giving Tuesday, December 3. Your donation will help bring closure to these officers’ families.


Marcia Ferranto

Marcia Ferranto
Chief Executive Officer
National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum