Hidden Objects: A Nod to Accountants with Conviction

A poster created by the Internal Revenue Service to encourage careers as an IRS agent highlights one of their more exciting achievements: the imprisonment of Al Capone. Known for bootlegging and gambling in the 1920s and 1930s and believed to be tied to the St. Valentine’s Day massacre, the notorious gangster was never convicted for these crimes. However, he was arrested for tax evasion, fined $80,000 and sentenced to 11 years in federal prison following a long undercover operation that led to his conviction.
The “fine print” on the poster reads:
Infamous mobster Al Capone wasn’t easy to catch. But when Special Agents of the IRS stepped in and charged him with tax evasion, this crime czar’s career came to an end. Proof that sometimes only the accountant can apprehend the criminal. If you’d like to put your accounting skills to work in a challenging and action oriented job, IRS Special Agent may be the ideal career for you. If you’d like more information just contact your local IRS office.
Be an Accountant with Conviction.
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