Official LODD Fallen Hero

Police Officer David Dewayne Parde

Lexington (NC) Police Department
End of Watch: April 18, 2021

Police Officer Parde succumbed to complications of a gunshot wound he sustained on May 5, 1992. Officer Parde was investigating reports of a suspicious person at an apartment complex. Officer Parde was shot in the back in the spinal cord and became paralyzed. Three juveniles were convicted of assault with a deadly weapon and received 50 year sentences. Officer Parde’s cause of death was osteomyelitis as a consequence of paraplegia as a consequence of a gunshot wound of the back.

2 Replies to “Official LODD Fallen Hero

  1. Rest in eternal Peace, good and faithful public servant.
    God has already reserved a special place for our peacemakers.
    Please continue your careful and diligent watch over us.
    When Law Enforcement perishes, a proud and caring nation mourns.
    Thank you for your heroic sacrifice!
    Thank you for your selfless service!
    Thank you for your guardian protection!

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