How to help law enforcement during coronavirus crisis

While many of us are waiting out the coronavirus scare, our nation’s 900,000 law enforcement officers are on the front lines, still working to keep our communities safe. Here are some ways we can help our officers and their families during these difficult times.

  • If it’s not a true emergency, call the non-emergency phone number of the police department and you can speak with an officer or file a report over the phone.
  • If you do have an emergency and anyone in your household is experiencing coughing or flu-like symptoms, or has been exposed or tested positive for COVID 19, tell the police dispatcher so the officers are prepared before they arrive.
  • Whenever possible, meet the officer OUTSIDE of your home, rather than have the officer go inside.
  • Send help: though many restaurants are closed for dining, they may offer delivery and you can send meals to first responders at your local precinct (call and let them know it’s coming), or order individually wrapped snacks online and have them delivered. Things like snacks, candy, trail mix, or oatmeal, instant soups, or meals in a cup would be appreciated.
  •  Thank them: send a note of thanks from you, or if your kids are out of school, have them send a note of thanks to your local police station, or give them a shout out on social media.

Remember: this epidemic affects everyone, yet police aren’t able to shelter in place. Their hours are likely extended, and their exposure increased. Let’s do what we can to help each other.