Howard County Police Memorial Service

On Monday, May 5th, Memorial Fund Chairman & CEO Craig Floyd attended the Howard County Police Memorial Service. While there, he honored seven courageous individuals—Charles Weber, Frank Miller, Randloph Brightwell, Ted Wolf, Roger Cassell Jr., Scott Wheeler and Shaft Hunter—all of whom died in the performance of duty in Howard County.

During his speech, Mr. Floyd thanked the Howard County officers for their service during the shooting incident at The Mall in Columbia on January 25th of this year, wherein a lone gunman shot and killed two people. “That incident was an extreme example of what officers must do on a daily basis—put your lives at risk for the safety and protection of others,” he said. “Your response on January 25, not knowing what dangers might be waiting when you entered that Mall, was one of law enforcement’s finest moments. As frightened citizens rushed out of the Mall to safety, Howard County law enforcement professionals rushed in.”

After Mr. Floyd’s speech, Howard county presented the Memorial Fund with a check for $16,500. Thank you to the Howard County Police Department for their generous gift to the Memorial Fund.