In Memory of K-9 Maggie Sheridan, Louisa County (VA) Sheriff’s Office

In December 2011, K-9 Maggie Sheridan, an American Kennel Club registered black and tan Bloodhound of the Louisa County (VA) Sheriff’s Office, was killed while tracking a suicidal subject. As she neared the suspect’s home, a pit bull attacked and bit her; she later died as a result of an infection from the bites.

Maggie’s handler, Lt. Patrick Sheridan said, “Maggie was a gem. It takes a lot of training and the right handler, but the results and the benefits of that are just priceless.”

According to The Charlottesville NewsPlex, Maggie worked a total of 348 cases in her career. Below is a special tribute video in Maggie’s honor.

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