Inauguration Day Facts

While Museum staff prepared for the Inaugural exhibit, currently on display at the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Visitors Center & Store, we learned a few interesting facts about one of the most memorable parts of Inauguration Day: the parade down DC’s Pennsylvania Avenue.

1944 Inaugural parade (President Franklin D. Roosevelt)

What do you know about this festive tradition?

1957 Inaugural parade (President Dwight D. Eisenhower)

Did you know … ?

  • The first Inaugural parade to take place in the new capital city of Washington was during Thomas Jefferson’s first Inauguration in 1801.
  • President Woodrow Wilson’s second Inaugural parade (1917) was the first to include women.
  • Today, law enforcement personnel stand shoulder to shoulder along the parade route, when they used to stand at least 20 feet apart from one another.
2009 Inaugural parade (President Barack Obama)
  • Both military personnel and law enforcement officials line the Inaugural parade route for protection.
  • During the parade, military personnel face the president while law enforcement faces the people.