A Dispatch from the Road: Police Unity Tour Members Go the Extra (1,000) Miles

Kevin Whalen is a federal law enforcement officer from Northern Viriginia. A member of the Police Unity Tour, he and a group of fellow cyclists are going above and beyond this year. To help honor fallen federal agents, they are cycling an additional 1,000 miles from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, GA, to the starting point in southern Virginia, where they will do the final 300 miles to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, arriving on May 12 for National Police Week. Here is a dispatch from the road on Day 5 of their ride.

By Kevin Whalen
Police Unity Tour Rider #117
What a “wet” day to bike 98 miles of NC hills, totalling 520 miles over 5 days. 3,000 calories burned, 108 average heart rate, dirty-wet-cold bike and body, and hard rain, wind, and slick roads. This was the breaking day to test your will, determination, physical and mental strength, biking skills, and team work.

I hit the wall right after my bike odometer hit 500 miles at 3:40 pm. It’s like running a marathon and hitting your breaking point. The cold rain and wind took its toll on me and the other riders. We took a short break to refuel and power up, and then the rain stopped and the sun started breaking through. It was a miracle for us to finish safely.

The police escorts were awesome, with motorcycles leap-frogging all over us to protect us. One bad wreck happened to one of our riders when we crossed a train track under a bridge that hid dangerous tracks that wiped him out near the end of the pack. His helmet saved his life, cracking from the impact. He walked away with mild cuts and bruises on his elbow.

I am all good now and ready to go tomorrow. We are at our highest elevation in Hillsborough (yes…named after hills), with the hotel at the top of town. Tomorrow will be easier on hills but longer on distance at 118 miles (added 20 to get to nicer hotel with a buffet 😉 ). Rain is expected again tomorrow. Pray for us again. Talk to you in Wilson, NC. I attached shot over my shoulder during ride in rain today.