Lakewood Police Independent Guild President Shares Memories of His Four Slain Colleagues

Brian D. Wurts, President of the Lakewood Police Independent Guild, penned a touching and fitting tribute to his four fallen friends of the Lakewood, WA, Police Department who were gunned down Sunday morning as they sat in a coffee shop getting ready for their shift.

“I have never cried like I have over the past 16 hours and I hope sharing a couple things about these individuals will bring those citizens we are truly proud to serve closer to us.”

  • Sergeant Mark Renninger: “Mark had that spark that made you like him and respect him. He was truly a rock in our department, someone you always counted on. Mark has three kids and a great wife that the toughest cop I knew softly spoke about. Mark is in heaven standing guard at the gate. I know this is true.”
  • Officer Tina Griswold: “She was the toughest little cop I have ever known. Tina has two children and a husband who loves her deeply. My gut hurts that I missed your Halloween party this year.”
  • Officer Ronald Owens: “Ronnie was my calm down guy, an even keel who was able to put a perspective on things with few words. Ronnie has a beautiful little daughter. We love you brother.”
  • Officer Greg Richards: “Greg was a great cop who cared about one thing above all else, his family. He was a proud dad to three kids and wanted nothing more than to spend all of his time off with his wife and kids.”

“God bless you Mark, Greg, Tina, and Ronnie boy. We cannot stop crying and we cannot stop hurting right now. WE love you all.”

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