Law Enforcement Ambassador & Guardian Spotlight: Bill Erfurth

The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund enjoys the support of a special group of volunteers: Law Enforcement Ambassadors and Guardians. Law Enforcement Ambassadors are active and retired law enforcement officers from city, state, federal and military law enforcement agencies, while Law Enforcement Guardians are volunteers who support and honor law enforcement but are not sworn officers, allowing citizens, family members and corporate supporters to work closely with the Memorial Fund in achieving our goals.

A relatively new member of the Ambassador group, many of you have probably never heard the name Bill Erfurth before. Though new to us, he’s been part of the law enforcement community for decades. Bill is a career law enforcement professional who served for over 25 years in Miami, Florida. In past years, Bill had his own radio show (COPNET), on which he, along with Memorial Fund Chairman & CEO Craig Floyd and now-U.S. Marshall Bill Berger discussed many issues of importance to law enforcement, especially officer safety. 

Lately, Bill has taken his talents behind the camera, and in partnership with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, he and his production team (Modern City Entertainment) have produced an exceptional documentary, Heroes Behind the Badge. Just like most newsworthy topics in the media these days, the repercussions of a law enforcement line-of-duty death appear to end with the start of the next news cycle. This is not so for our law enforcement families. Heroes Behind the Badge takes a close-up and personal look at several officers and incidents in which they were involved in 2011—some fatal, others close calls. In documentary style, law enforcement professionals and family members share their stories of loss, grief and survival. The film does not reenact the incidents, but describes them with eyewitness accounts. Families share their deepest thoughts and their journey to Washington, DC for National Police Week and the Candlelight Vigil at the Memorial.  

All Ambassadors and Guardian volunteers are encouraged to consider hosting a screening of Heroes Behind the Badge in your local community. Several screenings have been held in communities across the country. To learn more about Heroes Behind the Badge and how to host a screening, please e-mail Bill Erfurth or visit the Heroes Behind the Badge website

We thank Bill for his leadership and vision to tell the stories of the brave men and women of law enforcement.