Law Enforcement Career Explorers Visit the Memorial

Today, a group of 30 Law Enforcement Career Explorers and 5 advisors, managed by the U.S. Secret Service (USSS), visited the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial to learn more about the ultimate sacrifice paid by Law Enforcement Officers, including 29 Secret Service agents, around the nation.

Retired Newport MN Police Chief
Veid Muiznieks 

The group’s brief ceremony was led by Retired Newport Minnesota Police Chief Veid Muiznieks. Chief Muiznieks is a senior advisor with the Law Enforcement Career Explorers and has overseen 390 explorers during his tenure with the organization. During the ceremony, Chief Muiznieks told the story of the first Secret Service agent that died in the line of duty, Operative William Craig. Operative Craig was struck and killed by a trolley car in 1902 while protecting President Theodore Roosevelt in Lenox, Massachusetts. His name can be located on the National Memorial on panel 16E. The Explorers then placed a wreath at that panel to honor Operative Craig.

Law Enforcement Career Exploring is a career orientation and experience program for young people contemplating a career in the field of criminal justice. It’s mission is to offer young adults, ages 14-21, interested in a career in law enforcement a personal awareness of the criminal justice system through training, practical experience and other activities. Agencies from federal, state, and local levels coordinate the Law Enforcement Exploring programs throughout the United States. The majority of the community programs are managed by local police departments, including Sheriffs, Chiefs of Police, and State Police. In addition, many federal agencies offer their support.

The USSS Explorer group comes to the memorial every other year.

USSS Law Enforcement Explorers Group