Law Enforcement Haiku for National Poetry Month

We’re celebrating 
National Poetry Month 
with police haiku

Yes, that is a haiku (albeit not a particularly good one, but you get the idea). And because April is National Poetry Month, Museum staff members have been doing a bit of haiku-writing, keeping with the law enforcement theme. So before you’re completely blown away by our poetic prowess (or lack thereof), it’s your turn to write a haiku related to law enforcement and share it with us!

To refresh your memory, a haiku is a poem of Japanese origin made up of three lines—five syllables in the first line, seven in the second, and five in the third. Here’s another example, along with a photo from our collection.

Photograph: New York City, May 27, 1937. 2008.44.1. Collection of the
National Law Enforcement Museum, Washington, DC.