Memorial Fund CEO Addresses Priorities at Welcome Reception

Newly appointed Memorial Fund CEO Marcia Ferranto is already charting a course forward for the Memorial and Museum. At a welcome reception in her honor on September 26, Ms. Ferranto told attendees she’s focusing her efforts on three key areas: financial stability, brand recognition, and building relationships.
“We’re not struggling to determine why we’re relevant. We’re not struggling to determine why we’re essential. The answer is obvious,” said Ms. Ferranto. She thanked corporate partners in attendance such as Motorola, Verizon, AT&T, and DuPont, while also committing to engage new corporate donors and supporters.
“We were lucky that we found Marcia, and we were lucky that Marcia found us, ” said Memorial Fund Board Chair Karen Tandy, one of several Memorial Fund Board members in attendance. She also praised Ms. Ferranto’s more than 20 years of executive and museum leadership skills.
Ms. Ferranto says her first priority over the next several months will be financial stability while acknowledging the importance of the Museum’s bondholders. Ms. Ferranto outlined her second priority as brand recognition for the Memorial and Museum while delivering and maintaining a level of excellence to all stakeholders and the public. She issued a call to action for attendees to assist her in achieving her third priority: building new relationships for the Memorial and Museum. She also thanked the congressional staff in attendance, several of whom supported the Memorial and Museum’s efforts to have Congress approve a coin bill in honor of the opening of a national museum to tell the story of American law enforcement.
“Every organization has its struggles and every struggle has a solution, ” said Ms. Ferranto. “We cannot, and will not fail.” She thanked the Memorial and Museum  staff, whom she called collectively “our greatest asset.” Ms. Ferranto also touted the upcoming Annual Run for the Badge 5K on October 12, in conjunction with the Museum’s Free Family Fun Day, as well as the Museum’s one-year anniversary, along with an October 17  Museum panel discussion on restorative justice.