Memorial License Plates FAQ

Show your support with specialty plates

Q: How can I get my state to make a commemorative license plate honoring law enforcement officers?

A: Thank you for taking this first step in helping the NLEOMF respect, honor, and remember our nation’s law enforcement officers. Getting your state to “mint” a special commemorative law enforcement license plate may require six months to a year of coordination. Every state has different requirements. We recommend you contact your local DMV first, to learn their requirements regarding commemorative license plates. For example, Virginia requires that 350 pre-paid applications be submitted, with a proposed design to the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, before they will give final approval for a specialized license plate.

Click here for the states that do offer Memorial License Plates.

Q: Do I collect applications or petitions first?

A: After touching base with your state DMV, you will need to find a patron who will sponsor a Law Enforcement Commemorative Plate bill for you. In Virginia, John Jones, Executive Director of the Virginia Sheriffs’ Institute, had a lawyer write the bill. He then presented the bill to the Senate in Virginia, specifically to state Senator Nick Rerras (R). Senator Rerras agreed to sponsor the bill. Senator Rerras then circulated the bill, accumulating signatures of co-sponsors before presenting the bill to the state Senate’s Transportation Committee. Once it was approved there, it was presented to the House Transportation Committee where it was approved. The bill was then signed into law by Governor Mark Warner.

Q: What happened after the Governor signed the bill into law?

A: That is when the 350 pre-paid applications began to be collected. The 350 signatures were submitted to the DMV with approved artwork.

Q: How long did it take for the plates to hit the streets after the DMV approved?

A: It took 3-4 months.

Q: How will the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund be able to help in this endeavor?

A: We can help by providing materials such as brochures or informative disks. We can also provide copy for mailings or articles you may want to write.

Q: Will I be able to use the NLEOMF logo for the license plate?

A: You need permission to use the NLEOMF’s distinctive “Rose and Shield” logo on the commemorative license plate. Prior to submitting the design to your respective Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), you must submit the proposed design with the logo to NLEOMF’s Department of Communications for review and approval.

Q: Which states have a license plate with the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund logo?

A: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey,  Virginia and Wisconsin.

Q: Do proceeds made from the sale of the plates in those listed states go to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund?

A: Only in Virginia.

Q: Why is that?

A: Again, each state has different requirements on how funds may be distributed and if any funds generated from the sale of the plate can be allocated out of state. In the bill for the Virginia Law Officers Memorial Plate, it was written that proceeds from the sale of the plate will go to the Memorial to honor fallen Virginia law enforcement officers.

Q: Whom can I contact on the Memorial staff if I have more questions?

A: Contact Robbi Woodson, Director of Strategic Relationships,