National Law Enforcement Museum to Feature Patrol Simulator as Part of Reopening Activities

L3Harris PatrolSim will be the only such driving simulator outside of Police Academy setting

WASHINGTON, DC (August 20, 2021) — As part of its reopening activities following the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Law Enforcement Museum is featuring an exciting opportunity for visitors to experience a driving training simulator only used in Police Academy settings.

The goal of the L3Harris PatrolSim is to give the visitor a true “walk in the shoes” experience of the American law enforcement officer. As part of the experience, visitors will view a specific set of scenarios to best illustrate the split-second decision-making required of law enforcement officers around the country, and the weight of these split-second decisions. Each visitor experience will be guided by veteran officer instructors who have trained active officers on the same systems.

“L3Harris is committed to supporting the public safety and law enforcement community,” states Sean Brenke, General Manager of L3Harris Driver Training Systems. “Our team welcomes the opportunity to share our simulator training technologies with the public in an effort to educate and promote law enforcement officer safety and awareness. Patrol officers face hazardous and challenging driving situations on a daily basis. The L3Harris PatrolSim driving simulator is on exhibit at the museum to allow the public and visiting agencies to experience firsthand the dangers and challenges of navigating our roadways during both emergency and non-emergency situations. We hope that everyone visiting will learn how driving simulators can improve mission readiness for officers as they patrol and protect our streets.”

“We’re thrilled to offer this unique experience to Museum visitors,” said Thomas Canavan, Executive Director of the National Law Enforcement Museum. “Emergency driving scenarios occur daily for law enforcement officers and are a critical component in their efforts to serve our communities. The L3Harris PatrolSimwill allow the public to experience and grasp understanding just how difficult these scenarios can be for officers and clearly illustrate why a focus on continuous training is important.”

In addition to the PatrolSim driving simulator, the Museum will also feature the InVeris Decision simulator, which gives the visitor a virtual experience into what officers face outside of the vehicle each day. Whether it is a decision of use of force or firearms training, the InVeris Decision simulator truly immerses the visitor in the shoes of law enforcement, providing an eye-opening experience into the challenges officers face every day.

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