National Police Week Observed in Iraq

In addition to the Candlelight Vigil, the FOP ceremony at the U.S. Capitol and other events held in Washington, DC, as part of National Police Week, folks were busy observing Peace Officers Memorial Day in their local communities. And one group found themselves celebrating locally … in Iraq.

On May 18th, NLEOMF Ambassador Wilem Wong (NYPD), who is currently stationed in Iraq, organized a National Police Week 5k run. The event took place at Camp Victory in Baghdad and was an amazing success, with more than 750 participants, most of whom were law enforcement officers on active duty with the military in Iraq. The NLEOMF provided special tee-shirts to mark the occasion and to help our brave men and women in Iraq connect with their brothers and sisters at home in the states.

Our hats go off to Ambassador Wong for organizing the run and to all who participated in this spectacular event.