New York Mets Law Enforcement Appreciation Night

Wednesday Night was a great night for baseball—and for honoring law enforcement—in New York!

Over 23,000 fans poured into Citi Field on Wednesday, June 12 to see the New York Mets take on the St. Louis Cardinals during the 2nd annual Law Enforcement Appreciation Night with the Mets. The Mets triumphed with an amazing 5-1 victory, while also dedicating the night to honoring the service and sacrifice of law enforcement. Commissioner Ray Kelly was in attendance, along with more than 150 law enforcement officers and supporters there to celebrate our peace officers and recognize their important work.

During the pre-game activities, Memorial Fund Officers of the Month for June 2012—Detective Michael Pellegrino, Officer Jeffrey Caldwell, and Officer Frederick Dow of the Ewing (NJ) Police Department—stepped onto the field to be honored for their life saving efforts. Also honored was one of our biggest supporters and Officer of the Month Award sponsor, the Police Unity Tour.

A special thank you to our Law Enforcement Ambassadors Chris Shoppmeyer, Erin Shoppmeyer, and Brent Clark for coordinating the event and assisting with outreach to local agencies. Thank you also to the Police Unity Tour, all the law enforcement agencies, and supporters who helped us get the word out about this event. We look forward to another great event with the Mets next year.