Officer of the Month Award November 1999

Special Agent Anthony R. Titra

Naval Criminal Investigative Service, NCIS

Special Agent Anthony R. Titra
Special Agent Anthony R. Titra

WASHINGTON – The National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum is pleased to announce the selection of Special Agent Anthony R. Titra, of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), as its Officer of the Month for November 1999. Special Agent Titra is assigned to U.S. Naval Station-Roosevelt Roads in Puerto Rico.
Over 30 years ago, Special Agent Titra met a motorcycle cop who made a lasting impression. “To a six-year-old boy he seemed larger than life and his bullets were falling out of his web belt,” says SA Titra. “I worked up the courage to tell him about the bullets and when he thanked me he had the biggest smile. I knew I had helped him and I felt great.” From that moment on Tony Titra wanted to be a cop and in 1973 at the age of 18 he started his career as a Military Policeman with the United States Army.
Upon his discharge from active duty in 1976 Special Agent Titra joined the Orange Park, Florida, Police Department. He excelled at the police academy and was named the Honor Graduate of his class. While with the Orange Park Police Department, SA Titra consistently displayed superior investigative skills and was actively recruited for a position as a federal law enforcement agent. In 1987 he joined the NCIS.
The recipient of numerous awards for his outstanding investigative work, including the NCIS Commander’s Cup and the General Crimes Investigator of the Year award, SA Titra was named the NCIS Special Agent of the Year and has received the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Medal.
Specializing in difficult to solve cases, SA Titra is credited with solving the brutal murder of a military spouse who had been all but decapitated. With little or no evidence, SA Titra’s diligence led to his identifying and then finding the samurai sword, which had been the murder weapon. Within eight days of the incident Special Agent Titra was able to obtain a full confession from the killer.
“Special Agent Titra is a stellar example of what law enforcement is all about,” says Ernest Simon, NCIS Assistant Director for Criminal Investigations. “Special Agent Titra’s selfless service to his community, as well as his exemplary investigative efforts over the past 26 years, are a benchmark of the ideals honored by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.”
A family-oriented man, Special Agent Titra is actively involved in the community and seeks to establish rapport between the law enforcement community and children. He is also a tenacious investigator on crimes involving children. His devotion to children was particularly evident in 1994 when he investigated the murder of a three-year-old boy whose death had originally been attributed to a fall. Although the local police department had officially closed the file, SA Titra was bothered by an attending physician’s opinion that the child’s injuries were not consistent with the original findings. SA Titra refused to allow the matter to rest. He conducted a vigilant, extensive investigation seeking the advice of forensic experts and his persistence was rewarded. After having developed an impenetrable case, he interrogated the boyfriend of the child’s mother and ultimately obtained a full confession to the murder.
“It is truly an honor to have one of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service’s finest recognized as the Officer of the Month by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial,” says David L. Brant, Director of the NCIS. “The investigative tenacity, professionalism and dedication to duty that earned Special Agent Titra this prestigious recognition exemplify the same qualities demonstrated by NCIS Special Agents on a daily basis worldwide.”

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