Officer of the Month June 2004

Deputy Sheriff Chadwick E. Holdorf

Green Lake County (WI) Sheriff’s Office

Washington, DC—The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) has announced the selection of Deputy Sheriff Chadwick E. Holdorf of the Green Lake County (WI) Sheriff’s Office, as its Officer of the Month for June 2004. Deputy Holdorf has served with his department for five years.
After obtaining his degree in Criminal Justice, Officer Holdorf began his career by working for the City of Green Lake Police Department and serving for the city’s Fire Department as a volunteer. He obtained his medical first responder certification, moved away to join a metropolitan emergency fire service, and returned to his original department in 2000, where he excelled as a Patrol Deputy, advanced to instructor status, and became a team leader for the County/City Emergency Response Team.
These experiences and training would prepare Holdorf to dutifully serve not only the citizens of his community, but on October 19th, 2003, it would also lead him to serve his department in an invaluable way. On that tragic afternoon, Deputy Holdorf and his trainee responded with Deputy Bruce Williams to a domestic disturbance call. They were informed that the suspect was armed. Holdorf and his trainee moved to block an intersection and Williams stayed behind to block the street on the other side. Holdorf received a report that shots had been fired and that Officer Williams was down. Immediately, Holdorf took a rifle and strategically moved on foot to a ditch near Williams’ patrol car. At this time Williams was lying on his back near the trunk of his car with massive wounds. Holdorf ordered citizens to take cover and advanced to Williams’ side to start CPR. While he was administering rescue breathing, the suspect began to fire at Holdorf. Holdorf returned fire, got inside Williams’ patrol car, and used a tactical sling to hook on to Williams. Holdorf then drove the car, with a flat tire, to a safe location where he was able to load Williams into the car and transport him to the nearest medical center. Despite Holdorf’s efforts to protect his colleague, deputy Bruce Williams had been killed instantaneously in the assault. The suspect, who fired fifty-three total rounds throughout the ordeal, shot and killed himself after the incident. Although tragedy struck the Green Lake City P.D. that afternoon, Holdorf was able to serve his fellow officer with strength and valor during his last hours, an act for which he will always bear honor.
There are certain individuals whose work raises the standard for professionalism and whose character is truly inspirational. Officer Holdorf is one of these individuals. He is a superbly trained officer who serves selflessly and gives greatly. He is sincerely appreciated by citizens for his involvement in community projects and for performing small acts of kindness that many others would not make the effort to carry out. Taking advantage of every opportunity to lend a hand, Deputy Holdorf is a law enforcement officer who is making a difference.
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