Officer of the Month March 2007

Detective Kenneth Robinson

City of Overland (MO) Police Department

Washington, DC—The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) has announced the selection of Detective Kenneth Robinson of the City of Overland (MO) Police Department as Officer of the Month for March 2007.
As many law enforcement professionals from across the nation will tell you, officers must often multi-task and work extended hours to see that the job gets done. The City of Overland (MO) Police Department is no exception to this trend. Located on the outskirts St. Louis, the Overland Police Department employs roughly 50 officers who are sworn to serve and protect its 20,000 citizens. Each of these 50 men and women is committed to the department’s mission; however, one officer truly goes above and beyond the call of duty. That officer is Detective Kenneth Robinson.
Joining the department in 2002, then a patrol officer, Detective Robinson quickly made his passion for law enforcement and dedication to justice known throughout the department. “As a patrol officer, Detective Robinson displayed his personal initiative by developing leads and gathering evidence that allowed him to be considered for a Detective position in our Detective Bureau previous to most people being considered,” states Lt. David Pauluhn, Commander of the Bureau of Criminal Investigations for the City of Overland Police Department.
Detective Robinson is currently one of only two detectives assigned to investigate child abuse, sexual abuse, and other juvenile offenses. Colleagues state that his dedication to being an advocate for children is phenomenal. Even off duty, he makes himself available to other officers and social workers who are investigating the most atrocious crimes against children. His total commitment to the protection of children has made him well known throughout the department as an on-call information source 24 hours a day. Often Detective Robinson volunteers to assist other officers with juvenile or sexual abuse cases so that the officers can learn first hand how to proceed in these difficult and sensitive investigations. He investigates aggressively and rationally, and somehow does not let the emotion of the case cloud his judgment. In short, he is willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure that the child or children are safe.
Many detectives will tell you that not all suspects are willing to aid in an investigation. Lieutenant Pauluhn states, “Detective Robinson has displayed an extraordinary ability to discern the difference between truth and fabrications in statements he obtains from those he has interviewed. He can then take the information they have supplied him to prompt conflicting statements, catching the suspects in their lies.” Detective Robinson immediately attacks cases presented to him and has become extremely proficient in developing leads and making cases where there is little or no evidence.
In 2006, Detective Robinson was assigned 129 cases, with 38 cases open from the previous year. Through proficient investigation, he was able to clear 57 cases by arrest, write 20 original reports, and provide 235 supplemental reports.
Within the department, Detective Robinson is also assigned to the Major Case Squad of Greater St. Louis. He is a firearms and Taser instructor. As a juvenile investigator, he recently re-wrote the department’s policy in reference to juvenile and child sexual abuse procedures. He is currently using his own time to become a Certified Fraud Investigator.
Recognition seems to follow Detective Robinson through his hard work. In a short career he has been awarded the Department Officer of the Month several times and has received numerous Letters of Commendation from Chief of Police James Herron. Robinson is a former Marine who put himself through college. His dedication to learning earned him an accounting degree from St. Louis University.
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