Officer of the Month March 2013

Sergeant Nathan Hutchinson

Weber County (UT) Sheriff’s Office

Washington, DC—The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund has announced the selection of Sergeant Nathan Hutchinson of the Weber County (UT) Sheriff’s Office as the recipient of its Officer of the Month Award for March 2013.
Nothing could have prepared the Weber-Morgan Narcotics Strike Force and officers from the Ogden (UT) Police Department for the carnage that would ensue after they attempted to execute a search warrant at the home of a suspected drug dealer on January 4, 2012. After knocking on the front door of the residence, identifying themselves as law enforcement officers and receiving no response, the agents entered the home. Beginning on the first floor, agents cleared each room. As the search progressed to the second floor, the suspect opened fire upon the agents.
When Sergeant Hutchinson entered the second floor of the home, he saw that Agent Shawn Grogan had been shot in the face. Sergeant Hutchinson took him outside to safety. Suddenly, Sergeant Hutchinson heard more shooting and ran into the house. He was shot in the hip as he pulled wounded Agent Kasey Burrell to safety. Then Sergeant Hutchinson returned to help Agent Jared Francom.
As Sergeant Hutchinson reentered the home, putting himself back into the line of fire to save a colleague, the suspect opened fire and struck him again. Remarkably, Sergeant Hutchinson was still able to move Agent Francom to safety.
Sergeant Hutchinson was shot four times during his efforts to extract injured agents from the home. He placed his own life at risk multiple times to save the lives of fellow officers, and received multiple awards from his department for his actions. After suffering gunshot wounds to his arms, shoulder, torso and buttocks, he continues to experience complications and, as of yet, does not have full use of his arm and shoulder. According to Sheriff Terry Thompson of the Weber County (UT) Sheriff’s Office, Sergeant Hutchinson displayed courage, honor and bravery in the most dangerous of circumstances.
Despite the valiant efforts of Sergeant Hutchinson, Agent Francom died as a result of the gunshot wounds he suffered that day. The four other injured officers survived the incident. Documents subsequently filed with the court indicate that the police had no warning that the suspect would respond with such violence to a “knock and announce” search warrant. The suspect has been charged with aggravated murder, seven counts of attempted murder and one charge of producing a controlled substance.
Located in the nation’s capital, the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund is a nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring the service and sacrifice of America’s law enforcement officers. The Memorial Fund’s Officer of the Month Award Program began in 1996 and recognizes federal, state, and local officers who distinguish themselves through exemplary law enforcement service and devotion to duty.
Sergeant Nathan Hutchinson, along with the other Officers of the Month Award winners for 2013, will be honored at a special awards luncheon in Washington, DC in May 2014 during National Police Week. In addition, their stories of heroism and service will be featured in the Memorial Fund’s annual calendar.
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