Officer of the Month September 2004

Officer Scott Barthelmass

Overland (MO) Police Department

Washington, DC—The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund (NLEOMF) has announced the selection of Police Officer Scott Barthelmass as the Officer of the Month for September 2004. Officer Barthelmass is currently assigned to the Community Relations Unit of the Overland (MO) Police Department.
Just about every waking moment of Scott Barthelmass’ day is spent serving his community. When not on duty at the Overland Police Department, this nine year police veteran is either volunteering at any one of a dozen community-based organizations, or is devoting countless hours in pursuit of additional education and training. According to his supervisor, Lieutenant Thomas Schulte, “… There are very few people like Scott Barthelmass, in fact it might be said that he is truly one of a kind. He is the first person to volunteer for a task, no matter what effort it requires, or what inconvenience it offers him.”
On December 4, 2002 en route to a paramedic class final exam, Officer Barthelmass heard units from the firehouse being dispatched to a vehicle accident. Having just come upon the scene himself, Officer Barthelmass realized that the accident was far worse than was first reported. A truck that had lost control on the icy road hit a tour bus head on, trapping all the occupants of both vehicles.
Realizing that the two people in the truck were in critical condition and that several on the bus were in distress, Officer Barthelmass radioed for the alarm to be upgraded and alerted dispatch that multiple ambulances would be needed. With little concern for his own safety, he crawled into the truck to administer first-aid to the two most seriously injured individuals. Once the rescue teams were in place and he was confident that the injured parties were in good hands, Officer Barthelmass left the scene to take his final exam.
In the early hours of February 21, 2003 Officer Barthelmass responded to “an assist other officers call” with a double shooting at a local restaurant. Upon arriving at the scene he became aware of the suspect preparing to flee in a vehicle. Officer Barthelmass boxed the vehicle in, blocking its escape from the scene. His quick response and subsequent actions allowed for a high speed chase to be avoided while safely bringing a violent offender into custody.
Officer Barthelmass serves as his district’s primary public information and education officer. In 2002 alone he was involved in approximately 100 stories in the local press involving every type of emergency situation. He developed the department’s first Citizens Emergency Response Team (CERT) program and under his tutelage twenty-six local citizens were trained to response to a variety of emergencies.
More than a patrol officer, Officer Barthelmass is a trainer, investigator, community and children’s advocate, safety officer, leader and innovator. He is a Boy Scout leader, DARE officer, has been honored by the St. Louis Chapter of MADD and is a volunteer firefighter. He takes particular pride in the time he volunteers with Eureka Firefighters Association’s Annual Rodeo which raises approximately $25,000 annually for local charities including the Missouri Children’s Burn Camp.
Humble about his successes, this dynamic young man credits his parents for teaching him the importance of taking an active role in one’s community in order to make it a better place. He, like his two brothers, Todd and Matt who serve with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Eureka (MO) Police Department respectively, saw law enforcement as a natural progression of that ideal.
Scott Barthelmass’ personnel file is filled with impressive statistics, numerous letters of appreciation and commendations, which reflect a dedication to duty, commitment to personal excellence and love of community. He has an Associate’s Degree in Paramedic Technology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Justice Administration. He is a member of the Fraternal Order of Police, the International Tactical EMS Association and the St. Louis County Regional Traffic Safety Council.
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