Destination Zero Advisory Board

The Destination Zero Advisory Board has been established to guide the work and further advance the mission of Destination Zero—to eliminate all preventable line-of-duty deaths while enhancing wellness and resiliency for our nation’s police officers. While Advisory Board members have diverse corporate and law enforcement backgrounds, all have a passion and commitment to officer safety and wellness. Past and present committee members include representatives from private companies, law enforcement agencies as well as federal agencies. Board members meet at least three times per year over the phone to advise, review and provide input on current project implementation and future project planning.

Greg Cappetta
Manager of Public Safety Outreach, Verizon

Jesse Crabtree
Commander, Gila River (AZ) Police Department

Brian Dougherty
Channel Manager, Government Accounts, The Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company

Sarah Handler
Vice President, Grants Division, Lexipol (Police1)

Dan Moren
Senior Manager, Global Security, The Starbucks Coffee Company

Wil Price
Highway Safety Specialist at National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Ret.

Eve Thomas
Chief of Police, Knoxville (TN) Police Department, Ret.

Troy Wellman
Sheriff, Moody County (SD) Sheriff’s Office