One Officer’s Story

Retired Supervisory Special Agent Carl Jeanty dreamed of being a law enforcement officer. After emigrating to the United States from Haiti when he was 16 years old, Jeanty and his family settled in New York. While still in high school, he signed up for the U.S Army’s Delayed Entry program. He entered active military service the day after graduating high school, and while serving his country, he became a U.S. citizen.
Agent Jeanty also earned a Master of Public Administration degree from Troy University and Advanced Graduate Certificate in Education from George Mason University. He also completed doctoral courses in Community College Education and Public Administration.
In 1985, he was accepted into the Special Agent career track of the U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and was later assigned as a field agent to the Fort Meade CID field office where he investigated felony rapes, larcenies and aggravated assaults. Four years later, he was appointed CID Warrant Officer Special Agent.
“It has truly been my highest honor and privilege to have served my country. I have earned many awards, promotions and decorations. I have come into contact with some of the best and brightest criminal investigators from the Army CID, the FBI and the ATF,” says Agent Jeanty.
Agent Jeanty’s career took him around the globe to such places as Germany, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Norway, Belgium, Bahrain and Haiti. He served on several protective service support missions. Then-Defense Secretary Dick Cheney and General Norman Schwarzkopf were among the dignitaries he was assigned to keep safe.
When he retired, Agent Jeanty served as Group Staff Operations Officer at the Major Procurement Fraud Unit at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.