Our Law Enforcement Family

Did you know that our nation’s law enforcement family comprises more than 16 million people?

There are currently 18,000 agencies that represent over 900,000 active officers patrolling our streets and keeping us safe. To put that in perspective, when you look at the current U.S. population of 319 million people, there is only one law enforcement officer for every 350 civilians!

Fortunately, to support those officers, there are 1.6 million civilians whose efforts are vital to assisting officers. These include dispatchers, equipment managers, information technology specialists, and many more. In addition to our active officers, there are over three million retired officers in the U.S.

If you factor in the families of our current and retired law enforcement officers, as well as the families of the civilians who provide officer support, that number reaches more than 16 million people.

We hope that each and every member of the law enforcement family will have the opportunity to visit the National Law Enforcement Museum when it opens in 2015.