Anthony Amerson: Remembering Your Roots

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Anthony Amerson: Remembering Your Roots


The Icons series is not just about contemporary figures in the law enforcement community, but about all those who have served their communities and the world. This episode imbodies the essence of that goal. Today features Anthony Amerson, the son of famed Sheriff Lucius Amerson, the first Black elected sheriff in the south since reconstruction. We hear from Anthony about how his father’s legacy remains intact and what he’s done to continue the Sheriff’s penchant for serving the community. Madison Scott, the Museum’s Manager of Volunteer Services sits down with Anthony to discuss his father’s legacy, family life, and the importance of remembering your roots.


The Sheriff Lucius D. Amerson “Bridge Builder” Foundation

The First Black Sheriff Elected in the South

“The world we live in is rapidly changing, the need exists to cultivate a platoon of youth amongst the next generation to serve as agents of change for improving the conditions affecting the most marginalized communities” says Amerson. The Bridge Builder Foundation shall conduct social, charitable, and educational activities and programs aimed at producing citizens that are capable of creating and sustaining thriving communities in rural America.

To learn more about the “Bridge Builder” foundation, created by Anthony in honor of his father, please reach out to: [email protected].