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BONUS: 20 Years after the Beltway Sniper: Part 1–Chief Moose, His Story and Legacy


In part 1 of “20 Years after the Beltway Sniper”, we sit down with current Chief of the United States Capitol Police, J. Thomas Manger, to reflect on the case that griped the country for three weeks back in October 2002. Chief Manger shares his thoughts and insights on the late Chief Charles Moose and how he was able to navigate the Montgomery County Police Department and its community through those three weeks of terror.

Following the interview with Chief Manger are Chief Moose’s personal thoughts on the case from an archived oral history conducted on the 10th year anniversary back in 2012.

The Beltway Snipers podcast episodes are brought to you by

  • Thomas Canavan, Executive Director, National Law Enforcement Museum
  • Chief J. Thomas Manger, United States Capitol Police
  • Archived Oral History Interview of Chief Charles Moose