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Encore | Reflections on the 2010 West Memphis Shooting, Part 1


On today’s episode of Encore, we’re going back to May 2020 to revisit the conversation between Sheriff Mike Neal and Jonathan Thompson, the executive director of the National Sheriff’s Association, concerning Sheriff Neal’s response to a 2010 West Memphis Shooting ended with the deaths of two officers. Their names and engraving locations on the Memorial are below.

Tune into this episode to hear Sheriff Neal’s account of the day, specialized training of Game and Fish officers, and his overall career in law enforcement.


Fallen Officer Names and Engraving Locations

Robert Brandon Paudert – Side E, Panel 15, Row 27

Thomas William Evans – Side E, Panel 15, Row 27

  • Jonathan Thompson, Executive Director, National Sheriffs’ Association
  • Michael K. Neal, Sheriff, Monroe County, Arkansas