PRECINCT 444 Podcast

A Podcast of The National Law Enforcement Museum

Pat Montuore and Erik Heller: A Matter of Honor


Glory is not good; Glory is for somebody who wants to look good, but Honor is what continues to make us be the best we can be with respect and commitment.” – Pat Montuore

Following the end of National Police Week 2023, Bill Alexander, the Memorial’s executive director sits down in studio with founder and president of the Police Unity Tour, Pat Montuore, and fellow board member, Erik Heller. Pat and Erik discuss their careers in law enforcement, the Police Unity Tour, and all things law enforcement.

The Police Unity Tour has generously donated more than $30 million to the Memorial Fund since its inception and sponsors the yearly Hall of Remembrance fallen officer plaque rotation.

To learn more about the Police Unity Tour, please visit:

  • Patrick P. Montuore, Founder and President, Police Unity Tour
  • Erik Heller, Co-President/Board Member, Police Unity Tour