Snapshot Workshops

Best for Guests 10 Years and Up

Dig deeper into the world of forensic science and law enforcement with hands-on Snapshot Workshops at the national Law Enforcement Museum. In the Snapshot Workshops, visitors can explore the role of the Medical Examiner, collect and analyze evidence found at a crime scene, and even walk in the shoes of the officers who investigated some of America’s most notorious crimes! Snapshot Workshop topics change daily, and provide visitors with an enriching and memorable experience! Each 30 minute-long Snapshot Workshop meets in the Museum Classroom and is included with general admission, by reservation. Capacity for all Snapshot Workshops is limited to 30 visitors.

Snapshot WorkshopCSI Crash Course

The Basics of Evidence Collection

Collecting evidence from a crime scene is a key practice that must be done correctly in order for the evidence to be admissible in court, and for guilty parties to receive accurate justice. But how do real detectives and crime scene technicians collect and document evidence? Step into the shoes of a CSI in our Basics of Evidence workshop, where you will be able to collect and document evidence from a crime scene, just like the professionals!

Ballistics and Bomb Squads

The examination of explosives and ballistics demand a special combination of precision and skill. Take a deep dive into this exciting and unique area of law enforcement with this exciting, hands-on workshop at the National Law Enforcement Museum!

Fiber Analysis

Fibers are a form of trace evidence that can take on many forms – we most often think of fibers as clothing or textile fibers, but fibers can also be left by plants, animals, and even hair. The fibers left at a crime scene can tell investigators a lot about interactions between a victim and a perpetrator during a crime. Learn about how fibers are left at a scene and analyzed in a forensics lab!


DNA is known as the building blocks of life, but it has played a crucial and ever-evolving role in the criminal justice system for more than three decades. In this interactive workshop, visitors will learn the ins-and-outs of DNA and its use in investigating crimes with the museum’s exhibits and hands-on activities!

Identifying Fingerprints

Collect fingerprint evidence and learn to identify their patterns in this interactive workshop! Visitors will learn about the use of fingerprint evidence by law enforcement and try their hand at lifting and identifying their own fingerprints.

Snapshot WorkshopForensic Pathology 101

The Big Three

Identifying Manner, Cause, and Mechanism of Death

During a death investigation, it is up to the Medical Examiner to determine when, how, and why a person died – this is done through the identification of manner, cause, and mechanism of death. During this 30-minute workshop, visitors will have a chance to explore this very important aspect of Forensic Pathology in the museum’s classroom with hands-on activities that utilize the museum’s interactive exhibits and more!

External Examinations

What Wounds Tell Us

One of the most crucial parts of the autopsy is the external examination and identification of any wounds. Wounds can tell investigators a lot about the events that led up to a victim’s suspicious death, the kinds of weapons they should be looking for, and even characteristics of the individual who may have inflicted the wound onto the victim. Join the National Law Enforcement Museum in a hands-on workshop where we will explore this unique and fascinating first-step in Forensic Pathology.


Sometimes causes of death may not show up on an external examination, but rather in an analysis of samples collected during autopsy for the presence of toxic substances. Join the National Law Enforcement Museum for an interactive lab workshop that will dive into the field of toxicology, where you will learn about how the presence of different toxins can affect the body, and how a forensic toxicologist will test for the presence of these toxins from biological samples in the lab.

Snapshot WorkshopExpress Detective True Crime Scavenger Hunts

The Kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Jr.

Travel back in time and solve the 1932 kidnapping of Charles Lindbergh Jr at the National Law Enforcement Museum! Visitors will use the museum’s exhibits to uncover information and evidence from the case in order to find their verdict!

The People vs. OJ Simpson

Known as the “Trial of the Century,” the trial of OJ Simpson brought the drama of Hollywood to the courtroom. Explore the case from the beginning with this scavenger hunt through the National Law Enforcement Museum’s exhibits! Every clue unlocks more information and evidence from the case leading up to the verdict.

The Beltway Sniper

Explore the National Law Enforcement Museum’s exhibits while learning about and uncovering evidence from the Beltway Sniper Case. Visitors will participate in a scavenger hunt that will lead them through the case of the Beltway Sniper – which included a month-long manhunt for two individuals who terrorized the Washington DC area in October 2002. While learning from the museum’s exhibits, visitors will discover evidence and case information to find their verdict.