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Pride Behind the Badge: The History of LGBTQIA+ in Law Enforcement

In recognition of Pride Month 2023, the National Law Enforcement Museum launched a digital exhibit and companion public program, Pride Behind the Badge: The History of LGBTQIA+ in Law Enforcement. The Experience Pride Behind the Badge exhibit chronicles the contributions of LGBTQIA+ officers in the field of law enforcement to encourage the next generation to make the commitment to keep our communities safe.

The program, which aired on June 28, 2023, delved into topics covered in the exhibit and highlighted the perceived and real discrimination that lies within the law enforcement profession. Through this exhibit experience and program, we hope to help create a unified voice within the law enforcement profession that will ultimately lead to greater workforce development.

Throughout both the exhibit and public program, featured individuals share how they found support within the profession while also sharing their experiences as law enforcement professionals.

Viewers will have a greater appreciation for their fellow LGBTQIA+ officers while building an awareness of the initiatives that various departments are engaging in that have led to a more inclusive, effective, and productive workforce.




Greg Miraglia, Retired Deputy Police Chief, Napa Valley Railroad Police Department and current founder and president of Out to Protect Inc.


  • Don Mueller, Chief of Police, Cerritos College, California Police Department
  • Julie Callahan, Retired Monterey County, California District Attorney Investigator and current founder and president of the International Transgender Community of Police and Sheriffs
  • Anthony Kasper, Deputy Sheriff with the Solano County, California Sheriff’s Department
  • Brandon Ragan, Lieutenant with the Orange County, Florida Sheriff’s Office

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